Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Project 52 - week 4

I know it's a bit late and I'm posting this in week 5 but it was taken last week (haven't gave up on my new year resolution) I've been having problems with my computer and had to reinstall everything. It seems to be causing more problems than before now >_<
It crashed twice while I was trying to save/ edit this photo. It is composed of 4 different captures and composed into a panorama. I used post processing quite a bit on this as the colors and light were not very good. I got at the Clifton Suspension Bridge around noon and the light was right in front of me and above the bridge. It was my first time checking out Bristol and got a bit lost with the buses but in the end it was fun.

The weather is getting warmer so I'm going to start travelling around to the nearby places and get some different perspectives. Next stop - Southampton.

Bristol Suspension Bridge

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